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Monday, August 8, 2011

birthday partying

After days of sweeping, mowing, weeding, cleaning and hauling reno garbage away, great guy’s birthday finally arrived. I had the day off from my tutoring and wine mini-jobs and so I woke early to make coffee for the birthday boy and drove him to the train station (saved him the 5 minute walk…nice of me eh?).

I spent the morning snipping and chopping, picking and slicing, preparing for the little grill fest we were having in the evening. I even baked a typical, Canadian, chocolate cake complete with Kick-Ass Icing, whose recipes I have from my dear Saskatchawan-ites. Then, I headed out to get flowers and fresh bread.

Now, I love bakeries, and the ones in Germany are great. But, something that I love even a little bit more than a bakery is a bread ATM. Yup, that’s right. There are bread ATM’s here, where upon pushing the photo of a baguette or bun or a whole assortment of different breads, out plops a warm, freshly-baked loaf, smelling amazing. I have absolutely no idea how it works…to me it’s bread magic.

So, I pushed the baguette button four times and down dropped my beautifully, smelling baguettes. Then I headed to the pick-it-yourself field of sunflowers. Here you snip away, creating bouquets of whatever flowers you wish, then simply deposit your cash into a little 2 metre- high, wooden hut when you’re finished…I call it honour picking.

After great guy got home, and had a birthday nappy, he began to set up his new grill. It is stainless steel and shiny…so he was very happy (the guy is very easy to please). The father and maid marion and best friend were the first ones to appear on the scene…and the festivities eased into place.

Friends began arriving, amidst showers of pouring rain, with warm smiles and arms loaded with gifts of flowers and bottles of wine, even a huge basket overflowing with fresh-picked, garden veggies (super cool gift!). We christened the giant, fire bowl (a gift from the father) which we placed close to the river surrounded by wooden benches. There was laughter, umbrellas, bratwurst, and lots of wet.

The evening ended, late into the night, with rock ‘n roller and mickey in a heated discussion about the environment. Business as usual.

Happy Birthday Honey…let’s do it again next year!

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