Stories of this Canadian girl's adventures exploring Europe...join me!

about me

Born and raised in Alberta, with German parents who immigrated to Canada before I was born, my brother and I grew up with two languages, two cultures and a diverse and chaotic heritage.

I travel, explore and learn about how people live, listening to stories and discovering all the ways in which we are more similar than different.

But how did this Canadian girl end up in Germany? A short story...

A few summers ago, at a rustic outdoor wedding in the foothills of Alberta, an unexpected thing happened. I fell in love (the timing was was the object of my affection). He was as surprised as I was. He said, 'So are you going to be my Canadian girlfriend?' I said that I want to come to Germany for a bit and how about I buy an open-ended ticket? He said, 'open-ended is good'. I stayed.

Currently, I'm living next to the Rhine River, in the middle of Germany, writing as @ninaonthego (formerly @ninaontherhein), mixing German and English like I have been doing my entire life, while I work and play my way around Europe. Join me!
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