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Sunday, April 5, 2015

the easter all its glory

Like a closed tomb holding life inside, the egg has long been associated with Easter. Even before Christianity, the egg symbolized fertility and life. Now, during Easter, the egg is everywhere, and nowhere more so than at the 20th International Rheingau Easter Egg Market. Germans do markets really well, and this one didn't disappoint.

This Easter market takes place each year in the Eberbach Abbey, a centuries old monastery located near Eltville am Rhein.

This abbey, one of the most impressive in Germany, was influenced by the Romantic, Gothic and Baroque periods. Along with its gorgeous architecture, Eberbach is also known for its great wine - monks have always been some of the best wine and beer makers.

Now, during Easter market time, bunnies, eggs, kids and chocolate take centre stage while wine takes just a wee step back.

Artists from all over Europe have descended at the Easter Egg Market to show-off and sell-off their egg-artistry - these aren't your mama's coloured easter eggs. Here, in pictures, some of the detailed artwork using real blown-out eggs from ducks, grouse, swans, emu, chickens and quail

Salt dough relief with acrylic
Water colour
Egg shell etching
objet 'art
Stenciled eggs
Ink drawn
Royal swan eggs
Edgy pewter

The market's more than 80 artisans from 15 countries, many who work on their pieces on-site, spend an enormous amount of time and energy working on their fragile art. I couldn't help wondering just how many eggs break before they get one right.

Adding springtime colour and kiddie-fun, there were stands including Easter decorations, wooden toys and chocolate, of course.

I ran into this sweet girl who let me snap her photo as she and her mom were trying their hand at egg art.

At last but not least, my favourites. I almost bought one for each of the unique, wonderful, and inspiring women in my life. Unfortunately, they cost a they should.

The egg, a life-bringing miracle. Perfectly 'coloured' by creative, talented artists each in their own individual way, brightening the lives of each passerby, even for just a moment. Isn't that what life is all about? 
Happy Easter from the Rhine!
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