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Thursday, September 1, 2011

fishing, fishing, fishing

Great guy is having stress dreams about fishing. Last night he dreamt that he had finally got something really big on his hook. He reeled it in, realizing that it's too big to be a fish, worried that it was his sister's dog. But no, it turned out to be 2 elephants. Him and Frankie had a really difficult time getting the hook out of them...then they stressed about what they were going to do now with 2 elephants. Great guy woke up sweating.

After four crazy, but nice, days of wedding; setting up the site, hammering down the details, standing up for my bro, sitting down for a pig roast feast, dancing up a storm with kiddies and friends, and then, finally taking it all down the next day, great guy and I headed for the hills.

Along with great sister and frankie, we drove northwest, with 2 campers and 2 dogs, to go fishing for 4 days. Some highlights:

-great guy and I canoeing in the morning hours, crystal clear and calm lake, mist dancing about on the surface of the water, freshly snowed moutains in front of us, a loon softly calling behind us, waiting for fish...lake was empty.

-a wild stallion holding his ground in the middle of the gravel logging road, standing tall and rugged and steadfast...incredibly beautiful...we took a different route.

-paddling through giant lily pads surrounding our frogs.

We had 3 days of rain and so most of the highlights happened today. I, ashamedly, made a big deal of the fact that I can canoe and that noone needs to show me how to do it. Then, after a beautiful canoeing experience with frankie (a loon came 2 meters away from us, calling and me, of course), we pulled up to the shore and I stepped out. And, the canoe flipped up and frankie flew out, into the freezing water! Oops, my bad. Yah, I felt stupid.

Nice days with lots of fishing, but no fish. As great guy pointed out we were at Beaver Lake, not Trout Lake.

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