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Thursday, February 9, 2012

there's a rock'n roll'n birthday happening tomorrow

I'm waiting.

Something big is happening tomorrow.

Rock'n roller is turning the big 5-0. And, he's throwing a party.

He's been prepping the vacant, still-unfinished flat in the haus. He's laid old, persian rugs, set up stools and armchairs, and plugged in funky, living room lamps.

Thankfully great guy just finished the floor heating so that the 100 invited rockers won't freeze and die. The cold here has tested our nerves...not that it's so cold comparatively. But, when pelletti decides to take a break whenever the temperature goes below -15...the tenants are not happy. I have been feeding him 17 bags of pellets at 7:30 every second morning, and he's still not happy. And, then there's the car... Great guy's great old land rover is more of a warm-weather lover. Why do I have 18 jobs, all of which I need to take the car too? Especially in this land of trains!

Oh well, it's Friday soon. And our place will be heating up with the sound of ageing rockers partying till the sun comes up...or at least till the rainy cold mist of the next day appears. I'm excited. Maybe I'll wear a costume and turn it into my very own Karneval party. Rock'n roller would probably just think my outfit is very rock'n roll.

Till the weekend...

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