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Sunday, April 8, 2012

good morning jesus

It sure is pretty here. This morning I wake up first, go upstairs to make breakfast, complete with cute, easter bunny, egg-cozies and easter chocolates. Great guy lies in bed, snoozing longer, exhausted from the past days of reno work.

As I sit drinking my coffee, staring out the window, the buns warming up in the oven, I'm struck by the beauty of this place and of this morning. The sun is shining brightly, through a pale-blue sky, dotted with a few, pillow-y clouds. Their is a slight breeze, bringing life to the stillness here.

The view of the river and our riverbank is only interrupted by our massive, blossoming cherry trees. Huge, branches, filled with fist-sized, white, puffballs, drape and lean, seemingly sagging under the weightlessness of the never-ending blooms. It's spectacular.

A tiny bird, sits on our doorstep, just feet away from me, meticulously culling the fluff from the fringes of our doormat. He/she/it has been a constant companion for the past days, working hard to line it's nest with new bedding...must be our equivalent of heading to the mall to buy new spring linens.

I open the door to breath in the fresh air and at that moment the cathedral bells across the river start to ring...and ring...and ring. They have been ringing for an hour now. Oh, good morning, Jesus.

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