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Saturday, October 12, 2013

an ode to home

Coming home…

is returning to a place you love and not feeling like a stranger; like being wrapped up in a soft, heavy quilt on a cool, fall evening. 

It's being greeted with wet kisses from small...and large loved ones;


and beautiful tall strangers, waiting in fields like welcome-home beacons.

For me, home is a bountiful array of wide open spaces;

jagged, wild heights with icing sugar dust;

pillow-soft clouds in living skies as far as the eye can see;

mountains as familiar as the house I grew up in;

and lakes as inviting as my old friend’s kitchen table.

My Canada is…adventure with my steadfast-favourite and his current steed of choice;

precious time spent with my interesting, loyal friends during laughter-infused evenings at my homes-away-from-home, Kilkenny’s and Nick’s…

or devouring their home-cooked meals made with the best prairie-grown candy or the finest money’s mushrooms; followed by warm apple pie or a shot of jag.

I have often asked myself, “Is home where your heart is, or where your stuff is?” If my heart is in more than one place, does that mean I’m just doubly blessed or truly messed?

This weekend, I’m thinking of my Canadians who are celebrating Thanksgiving; so thankful for the time I recently spent with them.

Today I will take my blessings…with a side helping of tears.


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