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Thursday, December 25, 2014

'twas christmas...

'Twas the weeks before Christmas when all through Deutschland,

The sweet smell of roasted almonds and hot wine were at hand

In every big and small town, it’s Weihnachtsmarkt time,
The magical holiday markets, that are oh so fine

So narrow and cute, the most famous in Rüdesheim, 
Is the Drosselgass lane packed plum-full at Christmastime

Rüdesheim am Rhein 
Handcarved candleholders and vintage ornaments,

Children’s tin toys and gifts all a-sortiment

Carolers a-caroling, chestnuts a-roasting, 
glüwein a-simmering, all are a-mosying

Further up, the Rhine’s wide banks,
Is a markt layered in lights, beneath the dome of Mainz

In its village of Christmas, the Weihnachtsdorf,

The Meenzer all gather in barrels for warmth

There is a treat so special, so totally delish, 

The lines are so long for this applesauce, potato dish

Across the river from Mainz, in the city of Wiesbaden,
Is the Shooting Star Market, that's just so amazin’

Giant lit stars, like huge blooming flowers,
Dance in the night sky like fantastic light showers

Away from the river in a tucked-away village, 
Is a market so special, it’s a ritual pilgrimage

Its motto is fairytale, but no Disney no Grimm,
More magic and quaint, on an artist’s whim

Handcrafters, potters, glass blowers and knitters,
All sell their wares amidst wine family villas

Through narrow lanes of timber-framed houses,
With warm chocolate or wine mugs one wanders and browses

Children and couples and families and puppies,
Love the Christmas markets, even gen x-ers and yuppies

If its medieval you're after then to Bingen you'll go, 
Where old-timey food, and drink freely flow

Bingen am Rhein
Now it’s the day of Christmas, I wish you a merry night
Filled with love, friends and family, and a baby’s sweet light.



  1. Very cute and charming post. If not for the cold, Christmas markets in Europe (and Germany) are so inviting...especially with those dancing flowers!

    1. Thank you Carol! Yes, the markets here are so charming and each one is a little bit different!


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