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Friday, July 1, 2011

canadian on the rhein

Ok, so I know that I’m not the only Canadian living close to the Rhein, but today it really feels like I am.

It’s Canada Day. This morning I told great guy that he has to wear red today. He didn’t. I didn’t either. I don’t think I have anything which is red…and besides, I never used to do that in Canada. But, I did love this holiday. It was always the first major camping weekend, if May long was too cold and before I started attending Anniversary camping in June. It’s also usually the first, great, summer weekend in Alberta (especially this year, from what my sources tell me). And, best of all, it’s a day where everyone gets to celebrate and be included…new Canadians, old ones, the very, very first ones, the younger ones, those young-at-heart, and even the ones old-at-heart. Cool.

I walked through town today and nothing. No kids running around with flags tattooed on their faces. No annoying car flags flapping from every car window. No red and white hats or sunvisors or big, Styrofoam fingers. No parks overflowing with bbq-ing wieners and steaks. No one singing ‘Oh say can you see…’ my bad, I mean, ‘Oh Canada, our home and native land…’ I guess that wouldn’t really make any sense if Germans were singing that, hey (eh)? But, I can! Just watch me!

Come on people! A country was born today. A really good country no less.

And, if I see American flags here in 3 days, I am going to be ticked. Germans are supposed to love Canada…the mountains, the bears, the cowboys and Indians, all the really, really nice folks. Maybe, since Obama gave Angi a medal and threw her a big, whitehouse bash, all that has changed. Well, at least we have Will and Kate.

Man, what I wouldn’t give for a trad, a hamburger, some fireworks, and all my friends!

Calling all Canadians on the rhein!

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