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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

river rat

A rat was sitting on our door step as I opened the door to go to work. A big, white, creepy albino rat with red eyes and a long tail just sitting there. Now, I come from Alberta…rat-free Alberta. I have never seen a rat, unless you count ‘ratatouille’ and I don’t ever want to see another one, unless it’s animated.

Of course, it turns out that it was my fault that the rat was hanging out at our house. I am trying to endear another cat to hang out at our place with food and milk. This cat is very small and I think it’s hungry, ergo the cat food on our doorstep.

The romanian happened to be nearby, and after I screamed, he came and right away said that the rat had to be killed. I have been haunted by the noise the rat made during that process. In order to spare future lives I will try hard not to entice any more unwanted creatures to our door. Does that include rock ‘n roller?

So, note to self: do not place cat food outside your door when you live by 2 rivers…and start closing your doors.

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