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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

spanish solstice

Spain greeted great guy and I with field upon field of happy sunflowers. Storks had gathered in parties atop their electrical-post nests. And roosters and small, yappy dogs welcomed us loudly with their never-ending salutas.

We have spent the past few days soaking up the sun, walking in the cool, wet sand, body-surfing in the rolling waves, and reading. The mornings and late evenings are spent at the father's and maid marion's quiet, flower-filled, ferien wohnung (holiday house). Great guy, remarked on our second day here, how nice it is to have sit in the garden or in the house and not have people constantly walking by or coming in. We are relishing the time of just being alone, together, and totally relaxing.

I have loved walking on the beach, in the footprints of small children and older ones, in the footprints of people from all over the world, and even some hoof prints from a group of riders who galloped past me in the sand. We have spent evenings in the ocean harbour, watching the hobby fisherman returning, who park their boats loudly by bumping and grinding along the docked boats until there is room enough for their own.

Last night, we spent the longest evening of the year on a secluded beach, sitting close together in the sand, leaning against a heavy rock, watching the sun disappear into the calm sea. We opened a bottle of wine and toasted the sun and the water. Happy.

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