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Friday, June 10, 2011


Best friend tried to take down some robbers the other day.

Great guy and I had gone out in the evening. As we had driven away from home, on his motorbike, we noticed a schick, black car with a guy in the driver’s seat, talking on his cellphone. He was parked beside our little driveway, on the parking lot of an empty building which is between us and a small grocery store. The only people who ever use that lot are our friends, when they come to visit us. So, great guy slowed down and we got a good look at him, but we didn’t stop. I remember thinking, surely this guy isn’t here to rob our house, cause he’s so obviously sitting right where we can see him.

He wasn’t there to rob us.

But, about 15 minutes later, as best friend was returning from her Nordic-walking outing (so funny how many under-50 folks partake in this sport…is it really a sport?), she noticed this vehicle, again, now standing right in the middle of our driveway. She asked the guy what he is doing there, and he just looked at her and jumped in the car and drove away.

As she was alone, she decided not to continue along the driveway, but to go up the bridge and down the stairs, which is closer to our houses. All of a sudden, 4 young guys ran up the stairs and jumped into the car, which had stopped at the top of the bridge. She knew something was amiss.

Instead of calling the police, best friend took matters into her own hands. She ran down to her car, jumped in, and started a mad pursuit. As she zoomed up into the neighbourhood, frantically trying to find the suspects, the police (who had been called by the grocery store workers who were just robbed), noticed a speeding, crazy person and stopped her, thinking she must be involved in this caper.

Anyways, about 5 minutes after great guy and I returned home, the police descended on our house, in the darkness with flashlights emitting an erratic, scary light. Needless to say, I was worried and had no idea what was going on. In the end, they had to come to talk to all of us and to get info, and eventually witness statements.

You know that you’re living ‘real life’ when you spend one and a half hours in a police station trying to identify a man you saw for about 30 seconds. We all ended up pointing the finger at a dummy photo. It’s anything but boring here. Spannend.

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