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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Rheinswimming deserves a stifling day
The freighterships on the current, glide on by us,
Turned around backwards I am stronger now
Every shipwave reveals the power in its course
Still, I’m so much stronger
I willnot fall down in this water’s deep
Cause great guy will watchme

Rheinswimming deserves a muggy day
I’m not sure all my people understand
It’s not like months ago
The fear of getting dead
I’m recklessnes in water
He cannot see me drowned
These streams, I go again,
Revealed by every wave

Rheinswimming, relinquishing my might
Great guy is leading me
I’m feeling for the stream
And what if we were two
Side by side in current
Amidst the wild Strom?
That bright, light endless hum
Does not describe Rheinswimming

Rhein, I think I know you
Rhein, I willnot judge
Rhein, I doubt you know me
I am laughing excitedly overcome with free

The freightership recoils,
Every waveline an invitation
Rheinswimming deserves a nother day, deserves a nother day.

Note: Thank you, R.E.M., for the tune that would not leave my mind since I was Rheinswimming.

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