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Saturday, June 4, 2011

wine fest

On a hill, high above the Rhein, with vineyards stretching out in every direction, there is a quaint, romantic, nighttime wine festival which takes place each June under a giant nuss baum (walnut tree). Die Nacht der Verführung.

For three evenings, under lights strung through branches, people sit on long wooden benches, tasting and enjoying wine from a few different, local wine houses, while a band plays in the background. The atmosphere is light and happy and the view is spectacular.

For the past couple of nights I have been working at the festival in the wine stand of my new employer. There are tons of people, some I know and many I don’t, but the work is happy and busy, and the wine is not so bad either. I haven’t had an employer before who makes sure I drink before the customers arrive! Of course, he just wants to make sure I can describe the various wines to customers if they ask for my suggestion. After a couple of sips though, I can’t really remember the differences.

The other night, great guy came, with best friend and some others, and we had fun while I poured and he tasted. That seemed to be a combination which he enjoyed. Zum wohl!

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