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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


In the Rheintal (Rhein valley), there are two major industries; tourism and wine. Up until yesterday I had focused on the tourism side of the river, and as of today, I am going to throw myself into the wine side…and hopefully not drown.

After thinking a lot, and being totally exhausted all the time, I decided to quit the hotel job. I had asked for weekends off and a regular shift. Bossman said that he really didn’t want to lose me and gave me weekends off, but said that he couldn’t tell me ahead of time when I would work…and that just stresses me out. That, along with working until 10 pm and then being back again at 6 am, was wearing me out. I was close to booking a room in the hotel, for myself.

So, yesterday, after getting off work and after taking a wonderful pedal trip with great guy up the Rhein and down on the other side, I got a phone call from one of great guy’s wine friends. He asked if I would like to work for him, doing this and that and everything, and I said ‘sure’.

I buy wine. I like wine. I drink wine. I can’t foresee any problems.

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