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Friday, May 13, 2011


If a pigeon could give someone the finger, yesterday, one would have given it to me. As I was implementing great guy’s strict lawn watering program, a pigeon was hanging out on one of the freshly seeded, grassy areas peckishly having lunch. Thinking that great guy would not like a bird eating away all of his grass seed, I proceeded to try and remove said pigeon. I walked right up to it saying, ‘shoo, shoo’. And, it just looked up at me, as if to say, ‘buzz off, I’m eating’.

Later, after returning from one of my tutoring sessions, I saw the pigeon on the lawn with its head in one of our new porcelain bowls…eating my müsli! Great guy had made him/her (how do you tell?) breakfast. The guy surprises me.

It turns out that the pigeon had 2 racing rings on its legs, which I hadn’t noticed (I would make a horrible witness). Great guy said that sometimes, when pigeons are on their way back home, they can’t make it the entire way and need to rest. So, he was trying to re-energize the little guy.

There is something about my character that immediately assumes that a bird would be giving me the ‘bird’. Why wouldn’t I have thought that it needed food, or maybe a ride home? My bad.

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