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Friday, December 2, 2011


A 4000 lb. bomb is lying in the Rhein; an HC 4000 out of England, for all you who know your bombs. 'They' will explode it on Sunday, after evacuating 45 000 people in Koblenz, including a hospital and 2 nursing homes. This giant bomb, along with many other newly-discovered, smaller bombs have been lying in the Rhein since WWII. And, because we are now experiencing record water-lows in all the rivers around here, lots of interesting things are being found in the now-barren river beds. A bomb. Cool.

Two weeks ago, they found a little bomb which 'they' said is only a fog bomb. Since it's already really foggy out, the news station said that nobody needs to worry about when it will be 'dealt' with because nobody will notice.

Great guy asked if I wanted to go to Koblenz on Sunday and engage in some 'bomb tourismus'. But, as anyone who knows me well or who has gone camping with me knows, I am petrified of anything that has even the slightest potential for exploding...including propane tanks. I think I will pass on this little piece of German-British history.

P.S. A year ago tonight I arrived in Germany, on the Rhein. It was nowhere near as explosive as this weekend could turn out to be...we are having a huge party tomorrow night!

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