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Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas is...

- eating too many freshly-baked croissants with that I have to spontaneously register for a half-marathon in May...I’ll start training tomorrow.

- wandering to church while the church bells are ringing like crazy -I love the insane ringing, like they are so darn excited about something which they want the whole world to know…think I’ve heard that somewhere before.

- cleaning up…after a great meal, after opening presents, before guests come, after guests leave.

- lighting candles for our mothers...hi mom.

- getting a Christmas care package from ‘home’ filled with stepmum-baked Christmas cookies, some small presents and a package of Kraft macaroni and cheese…how funny! Of course I cooked it up for great guy on Christmas Day. He thought it was interesting and I just giggled and ate!

- missing, with an aching heart, the first Christmas my brother is celebrating with his boy.

- schrille nacht…not stille nacht – partying with max and bärbel, rock‘n roller, and a bunch of other friends into the wee hours on Christmas Eve.

- reflecting on the past year, and hoping the changes that will come upon us in the new year are good ones.

- feeling blessed.

- a birthday.

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