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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the beginning...

Four days ago I kind of moved to Germany.

Here's the quick story:  In August my German friend, who has lived in Canada for about 25 years, got married again.  I headed to the wedding, north of Red Deer, with excitement and anticipation.  I was planning on chatting up her father, who was coming from Germany for the wedding; maybe bond with him a little, with the hopes of possibly house-sitting for him during the winter.  I needed a 'career',and a location change and wanted some time to focus on writing.  But, instead of bonding with the father, I kind of instantly clicked with his son.  Great guy.  Great guy and I ended up spending every daylight and firelight hour together for those three festive days.  And, a week later we went camping in Waterton, where a birthday kiss sealed our togetherness. 

Now, three months later, after surviving endless long-distance calls, emails and Skype sessions, I'm sitting at my laptop, in great guy's house, about 100 meters from the corner of 2 beautiful of those the incredible Rhein.  Needless to say, it is very pretty here, and so far I've noticed that that goes for any time of day and no matter the weather.  But, great guy's little house is not a normal house, and is currently 'in progress', or as Germans would say, a 'Baustelle'.  Great guy comes 'home' and we begin to work on the least that's been the pattern so far, after day 2.  Current project:  Kitchen.  Because currently we don't have one.  Stay tuned for a photo, or should I say foto, if we (meaning: he) gets it finished tonight.

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