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Sunday, December 26, 2010

on the road

So, great guy and I are hitting the road today...hopefully.  He has to get the car started first.  It was so, so, so cold last night, a whoppin' -6! There is schneekaos (snow chaos) here!  I love that word, schneekaos.  I've heard it everyday for the last 3 weeks, and granted the autobahn and train system in parts of the country are in chaos, but really people it's just some snow.  Once the car springs an (starts) then we will try to head south to visit my mom's family in Kempten-Allgaü.  I'm excited about that; great guy will finally meet some of my peeps, and I will be around family again.

Oh, crap.  It looks like the heating just went out again.  We might not be hitting the road any time soon.  As great guy's sister always says, his place his beautiful, but it's different.  And, we've been having a heating issue for the past 4 days-unfortunately, ever since I 'helped out' by refilling the pellets into Pelletti (the heating system) and trying to re-start the thing.  Right after that, the entire system collapsed for a day and a half, the day before Christmas, causing a heating outage for the big house and the little häuschen.  Great guy got it fixed eventually, but it looks like the problems are continuing.  It's not quite the relaxing morning I had envisioned before we head out. Maybe I will head over and give Pelletti some can that not help?  Although, maybe it's best if I just stay far away.

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