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Sunday, December 12, 2010

rock 'n roller

There is a rock 'n roller who lives in great guy's house.  That's what he calls himself; a rock 'n roller.  He wears leather pants.  Enough said.

Great guy has a house which includes 3 flats, one on each floor.  He renovated the top 2 flats a couple of years ago and they are incredible; glass doors, eucalyptus wood flooring, open beams, spacious and interesting living spaces.  Best friend lives on the top floor, and rock 'n roller lives on the 2nd floor with his wife and his daughter.

The other day rock 'n roller was going on and on about how horrible Germans are at enjoying and conserving nature.  Interestingly, the next morning I saw him drive to the corner store to pick up some groceries. He mentioned to great guy that he feels he should hang out with me more during the day while great guy is at work, so that I'm not bored.  He suggested we watch TV together or something.

Yesterday when I was feeding the geese and ducks which hang out on our lawn, the thought crossed my mind, why isn't rock 'n roller out here enjoying all this nature.

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