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Thursday, December 9, 2010

snow on the rhein

Last night it snowed here like it was Saskatchewan.  We woke to beautiful, weighted-down trees, snow-covered garden benches, and radio commentators listing off accident after accident, stau after stau (traffic jam after traffic jam).  And, the poor ducks and geese swimming outside our door...I've been feeding them, wanting to make new friends, but I didn't do it yesterday, cause, well, it was snowing, and now I feel bad.  I think I'll go feed them right after I'm finished writing, and beg their forgiveness.

So, the kitchen isn't quite finished...or quite started.  It's my fault for thinking it would somehow go quickly.  But, I wasn't fully understanding great guy's plan.  There is some constructing that needs to happen..not just simple sliding in of cupboards and appliances, my bad.  So, last night he cleaned and organized his 3 workshops (yup, that's right, he has 3) so that the building can begin this evening.

And, I will be spending the evening, unfortunately, at a gym.  I made the mistake of asking great guy, the other day when it was raining, if I could possibly use his gym pass so that I could go for a little run on the treadmill.  On Monday I went running along the river and it was so beautiful, that I got inspired to run every second day. it's Thursday.  Story of my life....always a bit behind on my planning.  Anyways, he called his gym and BOOKED AN APPOINTMENT FOR ME TO HAVE A WORKOUT CONSULTATION!!!  Yup, I'm screaming!  I really, really do not want to do that.  I never wanted to do that with any Canadian gym I ever went to, and those had English-speaking people in them.  This will be workout-guy talking to me about workout-stuff, in German!  I can already feel me beginning to look stupider and stupider....on top of looking fat.  Yikes.

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  1. nina!!! the newest citizen of germany! i'm so glad you're blogging so i can keep up with you and your adventures. can't wait to hear how the gym consult turns out - ha ha ha! i am finished school for the term, only one winter class and one spring class left and then i am finished my course work (well, pre-practicum anyway, there's two left druing practicum). so now i'm having a nice lazy start to my term break. nice to hear about your life! xo love roberta


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