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Monday, April 4, 2011


I have a nephew, as of Thursday. He was almost an April Fools joke, but instead he is as real and perfect as can be. And, he has made, in my opinion, a man out of a boy. My brother.

Anyone meeting my brother is instantly taken aback by his size, a public response which I am also well accustomed to. But underneath his strong, large exterior lies the soft heart and fragile soul of someone who has a lot going on 'upstairs'; sometimes a great thing and sometimes quite the impediment to happiness.

My brother's sweet babe, and the process which brought him to his birthday, seems to have finally given my bro a purpose, something to fight for and to protect, and, as miss oprah would say, a true reason to live his best life. He looks comfortable, where I thought he would look terrified. He looks serene and peaceful, where I thought he would just look exhausted (ok, he does look a little bit tired). I underestimated his longing to create permanent, unbreakable roots; another relatable trait possibly stemming from our shared experiences in childhood.

I see my brother now, as one of those giant, deeply-rooted, immovable trees, which great guy and rock 'n roller chopped down 2 months ago (pre-chop down, of course). Strong, steadfast, knowing his purpose, and solidly rooted. He is stepping up to life's plate, as father to a son and as a soon-to-be husband to a wife. No one is going to mess with him now. Or, his little son for that matter. And, if they do, they should expect a date with a bow and arrow.

Their next child will surely have the name of 'fisher' or possibly even, 'harpooner'. So deadly.

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