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Friday, April 29, 2011

the queen's hay

In honour of this special day, is anyone giving attention to the royal animals? Specifically, the 5 horses who will be pulling the royal landau, after the ceremony. The wedding is taking place in a couple of British hours, and I have to admit, I will be watching.

Westminster Abbey tweeted about an hour ago, that their doors are now open and ready for the wedding guests to arrive. The Abbey tweeted. That, along with items such as the jelly belly jellybean with dots shaped like Kate’s face for sale on ebay, is one of the strange, modern twists of this event. There will also be really normal people at this wedding, university buddies and small town common folk… an unusual, never-before-seen happening for such an occasion. And, there is probably an app tracking the bridal pairs every, wedding day, move.

Another fascinating aspect is the hats, the fascinators (kopfputz auf Deutsch), which the women are wearing today. Some are a foot high (Vicky Beckham), some have a giant flower right on top (Lady Di’s niece), some are shaped similarly to the Sydney opera house, and some look like small birds. I find them all fascinating. I think this trend should be adopted everywhere. For my little brother’s wedding in the summer maybe I will wear one. Although, that wedding will be a bit more rustic than today’s wedding, and so my fascinator might need to have straw instead of feathers, rhinestones instead of crystals. We’ll see. I’ll talk to my haberdasher and keep you posted on the design.

But, back to the horses. No media outlets, not CNN or SAT 1, or Fox News or the SUN, are talking about the horses. Without the horses, Willy and Kate would have to run back to Buckingham Palace, scuffing their shoes and being, no doubt, trampled by well wishers. So, what primping have the horses been subject to? And, what is on their wedding day menu? Well, fellow Canadians, I heard a rumour, which, unfortunately I could not substantiate, that Canadian hay feeds the royal equines. More specifically, only the best timothy hay, from Horsecreek Road, north of Cochrane, Alberta, is good enough for the Queen’s horses. The Queen’s hay is Alberta hay. Today, I am a proud Albertan.

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