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Thursday, April 21, 2011

a prairie good time

long road towards the paris of the prairies
jag (jaegermeister) at 8 with great friends
greenboy, great house, wheat kings and pretty things

blocka road, tv in the bathroom, lego
horseshow, sekretariat...thinking I need an equine career change
croquet in freezing wind, that's when you know you're playing with sask kids
saigon rose, winners, school gossip

7 hours singing along to glee, fresh baked bob-bread, jujubes
snow, rain, fog, sun, blue ellen dyck-sky...all in a 5 minute span
land of the living skies, beautiful.

is home where your heart is, or where your stuff is?
is home where your photos are? where the art you've loved is?
where your books are?
is home where you feel the most comfortable being you?
or is home where your heart is?
maybe one day all these things will be in the same place
then I'll be home.

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