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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We will be cooking in our little häuschen tonight!  Great guy hooked up the sink and the stove last night.  It's a big job building a kitchen, which I've only figured out in the last four weeks.  Back in Saskatchewan I had a wonderful friend help me renovate my little kitchen.  Ok, well, I watched while he did all the work.  And that kitchen looks great (hope my tenants are enjoying it!).  But, this project, in this little train building which great guy has converted into a house is much more complicated.  Everything that he has to do is from the beginning, and though he has had great help, I'm amazed by all that he does himself.  He just methodically figures it all out...and then it works.  Cool.

Four weeks ago, we drove to the Black Forest to pick up IKEA kitchen pieces which great guy had found on ebay.  In Germany, most people move their kitchen in and out of their apartments when they move.  I had never heard of that before, and so I wasn't really sure what we were doing until we got there.  We walked up the three flights of stairs (of course it would be on the top floor), met a lovely, gregarious couple who are moving, and began taking apart their kitchen.  Then we carried all the pieces and appliances down the stairs, packed the trailer and drove home - a 10 hour process.  Naively, I thought that we would get home and just plop all the pieces back together, plug the appliances in and, presto, kitchen.  But, great guy had much cooler plans in his head, and the kitchen already looks so much more interesting than I could ever have imagined.  His plans aren't finished yet, but when they are, I will put up some fotos (photos).

I think that tonight I will consecrate the kitchen with lentil sausage soup, my favorite soup recipe from the Station Arts centre - only the best for our little place.  Guten Appetit!

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