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Saturday, January 29, 2011


So, I had kind of an interview the other night. It was to be a coffee meeting at 7:30 pm in a hip café in Mainz, set up by rock ‘n roller’s wife, jülchen and her friend, let's call her prinzessin (princess). I will call her that only because she said in her own words how she is longing to find a man who will treat her like a princess.  
Prinzessin is beautifully crazy…in a loud, lovely, very affectionate way. She laughs constantly, with great gusto, touches and hugs everyone, and yet, is this petite, beautiful, teacher. I met prinzessin at rock ‘n roller’s concert a few weeks ago and she decided immediately that she was going to help me get english tutoring work. She has tons of contacts in the school systems and would talk to some people. So prinzessin set up this meeting with a man who runs an organization helping students get connected to people who can help them further their studies (from what I can understand). Jülchen and prinzessin sms-ed (texted) back and forth all week and supposedly the time and date was set. 
Jülchen and I got to café Lomo early, I ordered tea and she an apfelschorle (apple juice with wine, I think, or maybe just sparkling water), and we talked and waited for prinzessin to show up. Finally, Jülchen called her, and when she explained that we were waiting at lomo, prinzessin just laughed and laughed (I could hear her through the phone, from across the table, in a loud café). Apparently, the time and date was set for this man and his boss to come to lomo on this particular evening to discuss whether they wanted me to join their team…not for me to meet them. I was mortified. I am not the aggressive, in-your-face, you-are-going-to-hire-me-or-regret-it, type of girl and so I wanted to split before they showed up. 
We quickly gulped our drinks down and slinked out of the café, hoping not to bump into them as they walked in. We made it outside and headed across the street to a little kneipe (bar), and relaxed with a round of cocktails. The evening turned out to be really fun, in a crazy sort of way, without the stress of an interview. Hopefully, that will still happen, and hopefully, I’ll be able to organize the time and date.  A fun night with fun girls.

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