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Monday, January 10, 2011

new yorker

Yesterday, great guy and I took a little road trip to Stuttgart. He had ebayed again, which seems to result in a Sunday outing to pick the item up. In this case the item, or items, were 2 black, sleek, fabric benches called ‘the New Yorker’ style – that’s how sleek they are. Great guy decided they would fit perfectly in our kitchen nook, to go with the oak table he is building, and he was right.

After sliding the benches into the back of the LandRover, and saying "Tchüß" to the shiny-faced man we bought them from, I squeezed into the back seat (the only space left for me) and we headed to the Auto & Technik Museum in Sinsheim. This museum lies close to the autobahn, has all sorts of planes and fighter jets displayed on the its roof, and features a huge IMAX theatre. Great guy was very excited, and I thought that it would probably be fairly interesting (although I did bring my laptop, a book, and 3 magazines along).

We spent the next few hours having a lot of fun; wandering amongst the cool selection of cars, sliding down the crazy fast chute which takes you from the rooftop planes down to the museum floor, and IMAXing in 3D. Great guy also, excitedly, showed me his BMW motorbike which was on display. Later, best friend said, “Wow, you have things so old that they’re already in a museum?” Funny. During the IMAX film, about the wonders of deep sea life, I tried hard not to scream whenever a giant calamari or tiger shark swam out towards me. The children sitting close to me, looking hilarious in the oversized 3D glasses, had no fear, but were constantly putting out their hands in front of them, trying to touch the swimming creatures. Cute. I think there is something amazing and a little creepy about 3D movies.

The evening was spent back at home, sitting in our new kitchen nook. Best friend, rock ‘n roller, and his wife, came for a probe sitz (test sit), bringing along 2 bottles of sekt with which we christened the newest addition to the häuschen. And, along with discovering an english-speaking radio station playing the American Country Countdown, it all began to feel more and more like home to me.

A really great day.


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