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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Ok, Canadians, I experienced something yesterday which I don’t think happens much in Canada. I went to the sauna (spa). Ok, so that’s not unusual for Canadians – I’ve been a few times myself over the past years, but, here in Germany the sauna experience is, well, a bit more free-ing. Here, everyone is naked and everyone is together. There are no separate male or female steam rooms or showers, only the small damen and herren changing rooms. And, yup, it is free-ing and… interesting. Honestly, the part that bugged me the most, going into this, was the idea that we would be surrounded by gorgeous, naked women who great guy would be staring at the entire time. Ha ha ha, silly me. Nope, there were only really old, and less than attractive people sauna-ing yesterday, which was totally okay with me. But, it was odd…like being around a bunch of naked grandparents.

Once I got over the fact that I’m naked and everyone else is naked, I decided to just jump into the experience; kind of like parachuting…naked. The sauna is beautiful and luxurious and we spent 3 hours there. It is located in a big, conference-type hotel, on a golf course, and includes a pool (bathing suits required) with those cascading, waterfall-type, showers you can stand underneath. There is also a huge, quiet room with floor to ceiling windows filled with plush, over-size daybeds, where you go in between the sauna to read or nap. It was all kind of heavenly, in a naked sort of way, and I can’t believe that many people do this, here, regularly.

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