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Thursday, March 3, 2011


I’m on the hunt for fastnacht (carneval, mardi gras). It’s that time of year here and from what I can gather it’s like Stampede on speed, but without the horses. The other night I watched a sitzung (there is no translation as far as I can tell-a huge gathering of costumed people who sit in a hall, drink and listen to funny speeches-there’s a sitzung every night and some are televised), while best friend was teaching me how to sew a dress. She watches these things only on TV and kept laughing and giggling at various points throughout the televised silliness. There were crazy skits, dancing girls, and oom pa pa music.

But, there must be more to fastnacht, because everyone is talking about it. I have tons of photos of my mom all dressed up and going to carnival in Köln, my step mom called and said that I have to go and participate, there are flyers all over town, and friends of great guy’s are talking about their costumes. So, I want to go to fastnacht.

I just don’t know what it is…and I can’t find it anywhere. Where is the craziness? Where are the costumes? Maybe I’m too early.

Great guy called me from work today and said that it’s all starting at 11:11 am in the town square. So, I armed myself with my camera, all excited about finally ‘seeing’ carnival. I searched and searched, all through town, and nothing. His info was wrong.

That’s okay. I did the second-hand store run and have the pink wig, the crazy dress with multi-coloured frills, the blue fishnets and feather boa, sparkly make-up, fuscia lipstick, and the loud jewellery. I am ready. Whenever, whereever, I will be there.

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