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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Last night we invited some wonderful folks over for the first fire of the year. We gathered on wooden chairs and benches, sitting around the burning cherry wood, just meters from the river’s edge. Beautiful.

Great guy grilled bratwurst and I put out buns, homemade potato salad and freshly baked pretzels on a long table under the now-blooming tree. Bottles of beer, sparkling water and Riesling held court as well. All of the ingredients were present for my new favorite drink, a sauergespritzten, sparkling water mixed with dry, white, Riesling, and by evening’s end I had had more than one.

Rock ‘n roller and his daughter came, along with best friend, max and bärbel, and balu’s owners. The romanian was present in spirit, but his hard core work pace kept him absent. I enjoyed hanging outside with these friends and loved catching great guy’s eye through the firelight, seeing him smile at me. Lovely.

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