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Thursday, March 17, 2011

rheinfels castle

Above St. Goar, seemingly on a ledge overlooking the Rhein, sits a castle. It was one of Germany's strongest fortresses, dating back to 1245. It is a majestic structure, allowing one's imagination to run rampant with thoughts of ancient duels, deep moats, knights of the round table, princesses and unicorns...okay, mine might be going a bit far.

Last week, on a day when great guy was 'sick' from work (no, I'm kidding, he booked it off) we, along with sister and big franky, went for a scenic drive to Burg Rheinfels. The day was perfect for sightseeing; blue sky, light breeze, sunshine. Unfortunately, the tourist season hasn't quite begun yet and so the castle museum was closed.

We walked across the drawbridge, over the now-empty moat, taking in the ruins of huge enclosed areas which once housed a small city of people, animals, and weaponry of the time. On the Rhein side, sister and I hung over the side of the mighty rock wall (just a little bit) taking self pics of us with our fellas, with big franky's constant refrain of, 'If I see those on facebook I'll sue! I have rights too!' So funny.

I, as always, used a washroom break to get 'inside'. I love exteriors of great buildings, but I always want to go inside and look around. So, I headed inside...and, oh my, do I want to go back there and stay for a while. Part of the castle is now a small, boutique hotel, with a restaurant overlooking the river valley. Large windows, baroque furniture, hints of gold along with modern accents were everywhere. Staff at attention ready to old-fashioned quality? And, a spa, with a garden terrace nestled admidst the ancient stone arches.

This would be the perfect venue to be a princess for a day...or two. Hmmm. Where to find a prince?

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