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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Great guy bought me a ring today…from the fleamarket…and I kind of love it. It has a very large white topaz rock, and some might say it looks a bit gaudy. No matter. I kind of love it.

We were at the fleamarket, and a fastnacht parade (finally found carnival) with great guy’s sister and her husband, big Franky (little Franky, I learned today, is about 2 inches tall, looks exactly like big Franky, and is one of the mainzelmännchen). They arrived from Canada yesterday and great guy and I were very excited to see them. They are two very nice, fun people who, combined, make a funny, outgoing, and interesting couple to hang out with. I love seeing great guy with his sister (I’m such a sucker for family) and I love being around an old friend again-some one who knows me, who I can speak English with, and who I can just totally be myself with…to bitch with, to laugh with, and to really talk with.

Tonight the haus folks are coming over; rock ‘n roller (who will probably tell Franky all about ‘how it is in Kanada’), jülchen, the romanian and best friend. And, tomorrow, the four of us will take a long walk along the Rhein and maybe stop in on a burg or two. Fun, fun. My ring and I are happy.

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