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Saturday, March 19, 2011


An itsy, bitsy spider...crawled up my pants and bit me!

Last weekend, not exactly sure when, I apparently got a little intimate with a spanish creature. It's name wasn't Jorge or Julio and it wasn't great guy. No, it was a spider, and based on my indepth google research, it was a brown recluse spider.

We are in day seven of Bite Watch 2011...and there is little change. What was a small, red blot about the size of a nickel on Sunday, is now the size of my palm with undertones of bruise-blue, on my inner thigh.

I don't want to be a baby, especially because since arriving in Germany I have had almost every strange infection, and great guy now thinks that all Canadians are wimps. Back in Canada all one has to deal with is lots of snow, -40 temps, runny noses, mosquitos, and the odd grizzly bear. I can handle that (except for bears, I'm totally terrified of them). Easy. Maybe it's the constant mild temperatures and greenness here which my body is allergic to. That would be sad.

Tomorrow will be day.

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