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Friday, February 4, 2011


After 3 full days of glorious sunshine, during which great guy and I went for walks and cleaned out more of his old wohnung (apartment), it is now back to Deutschland dreariness. Great guy is lying in bed, sick with grippe (flu), his back also wrecked from moving a huge, old tv. And, I have been busy (okay, ‘busy’ is a bit of a stretch) starting to tutor kids in English and creating spreadsheets; trying to organize the finances here.

As I have mentioned, great guy loves to clean things. And, for some reason, I find it very funny. The other evening we brought over his entire pile of CDs to sort through. Apparently, he has not bought a single one of them and so, most of them he doesn’t even know. Right away, I do the female thing and imagine they are all from ex-girlfriends and want to throw them all in the garbage. But, I relax, and we sit down and he starts going through them. But, not before he stands up, goes to the sink, and gets a damp cloth and a dry cloth. I look at him, but don’t say anything. He picks up the first CD and starts to clean it. I start laughing and say, “It’s CATS! Seriously? Why are you cleaning it, are you going to keep it?” He says, “No, but it’s dusty.” Right.

He picks up a booklet from the Doors Boxset, and says, "I smoked and did lots of drugs when I was young, I don't really need to read about him doing it, do I?" I shockingly laugh, and say, "No, but I will blog about you saying that!"

The entire evening, he sat there with his cloth, and wiped and polished every single CD, old VHS cassette and expired, medicine container which we threw away. I spent the evening rolling my eyes and laughing. Yup, these are our German evenings…were you thinking they would be more exciting?

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