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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Four big trees came down yesterday. We, along with rock ‘n roller and his son, spent the day at great guy’s dad’s house, chopping down pine trees for him while he’s in Spain.

Rock ‘n roller is a klettermeister (climbing pro) and tree cutter by day and a rock ‘n roller by night. Although that didn’t stop him from showing up yesterday morning, in his climbing gear, wearing a pink, zebra belt – I guess rock ‘n roll oozes from his pores all day long.

It was sad to see the big trees go down, removed because of fears that they will soon fall over on to the neighbour’s house, but the process of chopping them down was very interesting. Rock ‘n roller and his son, each scaled a tree, and began chopping off branches with their chain saws. Then they systematically sawed down each part of the tree with great guy holding on to it with a seil (rope) to make sure it doesn’t crash on to the neighbour’s roof.

At one point, great guy scaled one of the trees, with a climbing rope and chain saw, and pruned some branches…with his bad back and all. But, my role for the day was less glamorous and more mule-ish, aka: branch remover, and, let me tell you, I got pretty good at.

All in all, even with neighbours popping their heads over each fence, complaining that we missed some branches and that they want this tree or that tree removed, we had a good day and felt we accomplished some familial duties.

Today’s itinerary: more branch clean up, with a flea market or two thrown in.

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