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Sunday, February 13, 2011


The mail comes on Saturdays here, and I was very excited to open the box and see a)an envelope addressed to me, and b)no vegetables. My dear friend, Robert, had sent me the latest issues of our small town newspaper, back in what was my Saskatchewan home for the past three years.

This morning, with lots of coffee, I sat down and read through all of the issues (ok, it didn't really take that long) and loved every minute! It's probably the first time I've actually read most of the articles, because, well, this newspaper is more of a scimming read.

I was excited to get caught up on all the exciting happenings in town, such as:

-there was an accident and EMS attended the scene
-the nursing home fundraised to get a new lift chair
-the was a party ('party' is probably a bit of a stretch) for the 86 year old postal worker who is now retiring
-town council approved 2 horse auctions for 2011, while only 11 babies (human babies) were born in town last year
-there was a hockey game
-and, a curling tournament
-and there's lots of snow

In the classifieds I noticed, and mentioned to great guy, that there are a couple of jobs I could apply for...and probably even have a chance at getting hired for...or at the very least, I could get an interview. He just chuckled. He probably thinks I couldn't handle the commute.

Thanks Robert, for the great read, and thank you kiddies, for the beautiful Valentines which are now hanging on our refridgerator door.

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