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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a day

A cucumber was in our mailbox this morning. I went out to get our mail after the postman drove away, and there it was, without a stamp, along with 2 bills and the newspaper. A long, english cucumber, wrapped in cellophane, just like you'd buy in the supermarket. I took it out, looked at it, turned it over, and then put it back. It wasn't addressed to me.

About half an hour later, I came within 20 seconds of burning down great guy's great, new, little house which he's almost finished building. Yup, 20 seconds. I was making toast. Granted, the toaster is a dangerous toaster; really old and without the toast-popping mechanism. So, you have to really watch it closely, which I (almost) always do. Except, for some reason, not this morning. I checked my emails instead. 20 seconds and this place, which is filled with beautiful oak floors and pine walls, would've been up in flames...and I have no idea where a fire extinguisher is, or what the fire department number is! I will look into that right away.

The day eased into normalness soon after. I did some more job searching, released my inner-superman by throwing large trees over large buildings (well, I mean 'large branches over large fences) at great guy's dad's house, and I made supper. A day.

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  1. so what happened with the cucumber? did you invite it in for supper?


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