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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I just came home from the fastest, strangest interview ever. It lasted approximately 8 minutes, after which the lady (Frau something or other – shoot, can’t remember her name) asked me if I wanted to start tomorrow to see if I like it. I stood there, not believing that my ‘first interview in German’ which I’ve stressing about, was already over. Now I’m officially in the German workforce. I feel like I should reward myself with a Volkswagen or a Beer. Oh, I already have both of those! Instead, I will buy myself a new dress…for work, of course.

The interview consisted of me talking to one woman who was actually still working while we were meeting. She pointed to the clothes. I said that they looked nice (not really my style, but I wasn’t going to say that) and of high quality (I couldn’t actually tell that because all of the bright colours distracted me), then I peppered her with questions (an interview trick which works every time – a lesson I learned from Jason many a year ago!) and she asked if I wanted to start tomorrow!

So, I will be a salesperson for a high-end, Swedish, clothing line in the Galeria Kaufhof (a popular department store), which I know will probably bore me to tears. I’ve done my time in retail, but at least I will be practicing my German and earning a little money. It’s a 400 Euro job (not exactly sure what that means) and so I’ll only be working one day a week. Not bad – that more than covers my Saskatchewan mortgage! And the rest of my days I will tutor/teach English…and will start writing that children’s novel I keep telling myself I’m writing.

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