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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

red cliffs

First of all, I realize that I need to clarify something which I wrote in my last post. The bit about great guy dictating what I should write was meant to be funny. He did sit down beside me and talk in an over-exaggerated-German-who-is-speaking-English-accent, which he often does, and that is what I tried to convey. He does not normally sound like that when he speaks English...or German, for that matter.

And, now on to the really exciting stuff. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with rock 'n roller. Okay, that wasn't really that exciting, but I wanted to keep your attention. We did spend part of the afternoon together though, and it was nice. He had offered to show me some of his beloved nature, his liebling plaetze (the places he loves), and I kind of had to say yes. It was a nice offer, and since he knows that I don't really have a packed schedule, yes was the only thing I could say.

So, off we went, in his strange, red, 'klettermeister' (climbing pro), car, and headed out to the rotenfels (red cliffs). Since it was Monday afternoon, there was not a single person walking about. The sky was thick with a misty haze, and the air was chilly. At first I thought that the area looked quite dull, a bit like a vacant, CSI crime scene - you know the empty field where corpses always seem to found. Yup, that was what I was thinking as I walked all alone with rock 'n roller; his leather pants and converse sneakers leading the way.

But rock 'n roller is a nice guy. I kept asking him questions about the topics I know he loves; climbing, skate boarding, climbing, music, climbing, and music. He chatted away, and it was nice.

After about 10 minutes, the path before us cleared and all of a sudden we were overlooking a giant valley with the Nahe river below us, winding through the towns of Bad Munster and Ebernburg. It was a beautiful view. Rock 'n roller pointed out two burgs on opposing hills, and said that if the view was clear you would be able to see all the way to Frankfurt. I will need to come again.

We wandered along the cliff's edge, remarking on the various rock formations, and noticing the little heinzelmaennchen (garden gnome) which someone planted on a ledge half way down. At the point where the cliffs are the highest (I think he said 200m), with the shearest drop down to the river and roads below, stands a huge, wooden cross. Apparently, at this place, many people choose to end their life. Once upon a time there was an emergency phone here, put there with the hope that a person might call in desperation before jumping, but it didn't help. Rock 'n roller knew a couple who chose to die together, jumping while holding each other's hands. I guess there are worse places to die.

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