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Monday, February 14, 2011


So, great guy said he thought that Valentine's Day was tomorrow...Valendienstag (valen-tuesday) instead of Valentin's Tag - nice try, darling.

Valentine's day isn't as big of a deal here in Germany as it (and every other hallmark holiday) is in North America. I like that. Here, there are subtle indications of Valentine's Day, without the onslaught of cupid cut-outs and giant red hearts everywhere you look.

But, I do like any excuse to give presents, especially when I can give things which I know the person will like. Great guy's jacket pocket was filled with a little bag of chocolatey and gummi bear goodness this morning, to which he said, "Scheisse, what is this?" From what I can tell, people don't really give chocolates and flowers and valentine's cards here. And, when I said, "Happy Valentine's Day", he said, "Do people really say that? Do we have to kiss now?" What a romantic!

It turns out though, that in a city not far from here, with the great name of Worms, there is a relic of St. Valentin. This year is the 700 year anniversary of the relic coming to the city and there will be a big celebration in St. Valentin's honour. But, I doubt that there will be cinnamon hearts, little dora the explorer valentine cards, or fuzzy, red heart pillows involved.

Before he left for work, great guy kissed me, and said, "Happy Valentino!"

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