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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


There is a black cat who visits us at night. He slinks around, darting into bushes when our headlights beam on him as we turn into the driveway, or running out from the shed when we walk by in the dark. He’s a little scaredy cat and so I have decided to win him over with food and milk. I want that cat to be our first pet and I am determined.

For the past few nights I have left out milk and catfood, like milk and cookies for Santa, and in the morning am thrilled to pieces when the bowls are empty. Now, I have even gone so far as to wake up repeatedly throughout the night, just to try and catch a glimpse of him while he eats. Pathetic? Maybe.

Last night, I saw him. At first, I couldn’t tell if he was there because he’s completely black and, well, it was pretty black out. But, at closer look, there he was, right outside our kitchen doors, hunched over the milk bowl. I knelt down and watched him, and when he looked up I waved at him from behind the glass. He just looked at me, trying to figure out what I was. Then, great guy came up behind me, made some noise and the cat darted away.

I quickly opened the door and started to softly say, “here miezi, miezi (little cat, little cat)” - unfortunately this is also great guy’s nickname for best friend, so one of these days I’m expecting her to appear instead of the cat, but ‘miezi’ is what I always called my cat back home and so that’s what I’m going to call this one, until he tells me his name.

The cat stopped and turned, sat down on the driveway and just looked at me. I kept speaking very softly, hoping to lure him back with my melodious voice (someone once told me I had a melodious voice…I think it means ‘so calm I’m going to fall asleep out of boredom’). Then great guy poked his head out, looked at the cat and yelled, ‘hey katze!’ Needless to say, we didn’t see the cat again that night. Doofi (dummy - I mean that in the most loving way). Where is Cesar Milan when you need him? "I don't train animals, I train people!!"

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  1. Just with the hens right now and all say hi!! I think you should call die Katze "ceaser".


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